Tel Aviv Port

Evaluation Plans:
Assessing Project Progress and Quality

I took the initiative to create the initial set of plans, which included the structural plan, plumbing, electrical detailing, flooring, ceiling, and lighting plan. These plans were presented to the client for their approval. The Furniture Plan and sections, on the other hand, were expertly handled by my superior.

Execution Plans:
Implementing Project Vision and Deliverables

After receiving the client's review and approval, I commenced the development of a comprehensive set of plans for the execution phase.

Rendered Visualizations:
Bringing Imagination to Life through Images

To meet our client's request for visual representation, my senior and I collaborated to create a detailed 3D model of the project. This allowed us to provide the client with a realistic depiction of how the final result would look.

Rendered Layout Visualizations:
Presenting Spatial Arrangements in Detail

Following the completion of our design, my coworkers and I presented our work to the Tel Aviv port architect for approval.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Furniture Detailing:
Combining Style and Functionality

Furthermore, I teamed up with my senior to address the furniture detailing tasks, which encompassed various elements such as storage equipment, a food prep table, and cooking equipment including ovens, a deep fryer, and a grill, among others.

Interior Wood Detailing:
Adding Warmth and Character to Interior Spaces

After receiving approval for our design, I collaborated with my superior to focus on the furniture detailing. This encompassed tasks such as creating two distinct bathroom cabinets, crafting four bathroom doors, and designing two different cladding walls for the WC entrance and the bar wall and counter.

Wood Detailing for the Patio:
Enhancing Outdoor Spaces with Exquisite Woodwork

Upon completing the interior detailing, I collaborated with my supervisor to tackle the outdoor wood detailing. This involved designing and constructing various elements, such as a wood fence, a seating booth, a host station, and a waiter station.

Metal Detailing:
Crafting Elegance and Durability with Precise Metalwork

After completing the interior detailing, I collaborated with my senior to focus on the outdoor planter detailing. Together, we worked on designing and refining the specifications for the outdoor planters, ensuring they aligned with the overall aesthetic and functionality of the project.

Final Material Selection:
The Culmination of Thoughtful Choices and Aesthetic Harmony

Upon completion of the detailing process, we commenced the selection of materials for the project. This involved carefully considering various options and choosing the most suitable materials to bring our design vision to life.

Selecting Furniture:
Curating the Perfect Pieces for the Project

As part of this project, I undertook the task of sourcing 116 chairs. Our objective was to create a vibrant and diverse seating arrangement, so we opted for the "Remind" chairs, which offered a colorful aesthetic. Additionally, I was responsible for selecting two other types of chairs—a standard chair and a bar chair—to complement the overall design.

Pre-Project Phase:
Documenting the Initial State of Yorde Hsira Street

We documented the site through photographs taken at Yorde Hsira Street prior to the design phase.

Capturing the Ongoing Transformation at Yorde Hsira Street

We captured site photographs at Yorde Hsira Street during the construction phase to document the progress and work being done on-site.

Post-Project Phase:
Reflecting on Achievements and Transformation at Yorde Hsira Street

We documented the final state of the site through photographs taken at Yorde Hsira Street, showcasing the completed project and its transformation.