The Tilt

A science fiction bookstore that allows you to "travel through time".


Hei be-Iyar Street 18, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Kikar HaMedina (or 'Square of The State') is a circular square located in the center of Tel Aviv. It is the largest square in both the city and Israel. 

H. Bayer Street encircles the square, which serves as an intersection between two main streets: Weizmann Street, running from north to south, and Jabotinsky Street, running from west to east.

The square is situated near the 'Wine Press Garden,' an archaeological site from the Hellenistic period in Israel.

Artistic Posters

I created a collage as a visual representation to depict the captivating world of science fiction. Through carefully curated images, colors, and textures, the collage captures the essence of futuristic technology, otherworldly landscapes, and imaginative characters often found in science fiction narratives.

Virtual Reality: Immersive Digital World

There are various VR devices available for purchase in the store, including VR cardboard goggles, VR Samsung, VR Oculus Rift, VR HTC Vive, and VR SONY.

Cutting-Edge Tech Devices

You can also find different tech devices that you can buy in the store, such as drones, joysticks, etc.

Visionary Goals

To give an experience of a "leap in time", a significant leap from what we know to an extreme place, a parallel world, a different universe

keywords: levitation, infinite and illusion.

Target Audiences

People who love science fiction, illusions, and technology are welcome. Additionally, it is open to those who want to disconnect and participate in the immersive experience.

Body Dimensions

Scenarios for Analysis

There are various activities that can take place in the bookstore, such as book signings, author readings, literary discussions, workshops, and book club meetings

3D Storyboard Visualization

These are various images or events that can be visually experienced through a 3D view, specifically virtual tours of interior design.

Sources of Inspiration

I was inspired by the imaginative and futuristic aesthetic that science fiction embodies. 

Conceptualization Phase Model

Line Illustrations

Interior Design Plans

Ground floor plan

Gallery floor plan

Exploded axonometric

Design Section

Detail Section: Technical Specifications

Material and Light Selection 

This board is displaying materials and lighting samples. 

Rendered Images

Entrance to the spacecraft area

An intimate seating area

VR display space, association meeting & lectures

Stairs to the gallery floor

Spacecraft seating for VR & movies

Bookshelf area for purchase

Visualizing the Construction Process:

A Video Presentation

Culminating Showcase:

Final Presentation