Evaluation Plans:
Assessing Project Progress and Quality 

I assumed responsibility for generating the initial set of plans, encompassing the Structural Plan, plumbing, electrical detailing, flooring, ceiling, and lighting plan. These plans were then submitted to the client for review and approval. The first-floor plan and sections, on the other hand, were skillfully executed by my superior.

Execution Plans:
Implementing Project Vision and Deliverables 

Following the client's review and approval, I initiated the development of a comprehensive set of plans that would guide the execution phase of the project.

Wood Detailing:
Showcasing Fine Craftsmanship and Artistry 

Collaborating with my senior, we meticulously attended to the furniture detailing, giving special attention to key elements such as the bar station, cashier desk, Kitchen Sink Cabinet Organization, and two distinct cladding walls (entrance wall and wall partition).

Selected Materials:
The Finishing Touches for a Successful Project 

Upon completing the detailing phase, we proceeded to the material selection process for the project.

Pre-Design Site Pictures in Ashdod:
Capturing the Initial State of the Location

We documented the site through photographs taken in Ashdod before initiating the design phase.

Final site pictures:
A Glimpse of the Completed Project (Coming Soon)