Post-Trauma Victims Center

"Empowerment" is a rehabilitation center for post-trauma victims which provides a resident area as well as a therapy area such as a psychologist, social worker, art therapy or gardening therapy. At the same time, there is a rehabilitative kitchen attached to the restaurant and study rooms that offer occupational skills, producing a restorative environment.


56 Jeremiah Street, Tel Aviv, Israel

The site I chose had to be in a central area that has transportation options and various employment options. In addition to that, there should be a park close with different activities. Near my site there's a park called Yarkon Park. I decided to divide the building into three in order to connect the park and my site.

Design Process


Through my research on "trauma-informed design", the goal is to create environments that promote a sense of calm, safety, dignity, empowerment, and well-being for all occupants. I decided to focus on nature since it promotes tranquility, reduces stress, and provides a sense of connection to the environment. Therefore, I chose to photograph various flowers around my site, which guided me through my design.

Interior Design Plans

Design Section

Picture Simulations

The three different areas: The Garden, The Library and The Restaurant.

I designed three different areas: the garden, the library, and the restaurant. The garden serves as the heart of the project, providing residents with a serene space to enjoy nature, engage in activities such as yoga, meditation, and gardening therapy. The library acts as a meeting area connecting the treatment rooms and study rooms. The restaurant serves as a gathering place for both the public and residents, fostering independence and facilitating community integration for the residents.

Video Simulations

The three different areas: The Garden, The Library and The Restaurant.

This Video was done with Wondershare Filmora, Rhino, Vray and Twinmotion.