Graphic projects

During my degree, I worked on various graphic projects, showcasing my skills in areas such as branding, illustration and more.


Preserving Our Heritage: Historic Preservation Company

During my second year, I undertook a project for a historic preservation company. The task involved creating a logo, wallpaper, and flyer ad that accurately reflected the essence of the chosen company.
For the logo, I incorporated the Hebrew word "Authentic" to capture the company's identity. 

I drew inspiration from the classical architectural columns, specifically the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian orders, when designing this wallpaper.

For the flyer, I aimed to capture the captivating beauty of an old historic building. Drawing inspiration from the Trocadero Inn, a renowned historical landmark in San Francisco, I sought to showcase its charm and significance. The flyer also includes important details such as opening hours (Sun-Thu 09:00-18:00) and the address (121 Menachem Begin, Tel Aviv-Yafo).

Visual Simulations

Collage-style Photoshop Simulations

Bedroom Simulation 

Living Room Simulation 

Bar Simulation

"2 Meters Apart" 

Conceptualizing the Corona Virus

We were tasked with creating a model and presenting it through various means. I opted to present it in the form of a video. The concept we focused on was the adherence to the coronavirus guidelines, particularly the practice of maintaining a 2-meter distance. In this video, you can observe the different measures individuals should take to ensure they stay 2 meters apart.

2 meters apart model (plan)

2 meters apart model (view 1) 

2 meters apart model (view 2) 


Building Blocks of Digital Graphics

I decided to incorporate the fusion of "collective" and "individual" into my chosen concept. I created various collages using photographs I captured, using Photoshop as my tool.