Kfar Saba

Evaluation Plans:
Assessing Project Progress and Quality

I took the initiative to create the initial set of plans, which included the structural plan, plumbing, electrical detailing, flooring, ceiling, and lighting plan. These plans were presented to the client for their approval. The Furniture Plan and sections, on the other hand, were expertly handled by my superior. 

Execution Plans:
Implementing Project Vision and Deliverables

After receiving the client's review and approval, I commenced the development of a comprehensive set of plans for the execution phase.

Wood Detailing:
Showcasing Fine Craftsmanship and Artistry

Subsequently, I collaborated with my supervisor to delve into the intricate wood detailing of the furniture, which encompassed elements such as an accessible bathroom door, an electric closet door, and two distinct cladding walls (the bar wall and the kitchen entrance).

Metal Detailing:
Craftsmanship and Precision in Metalwork

Additionally, I collaborated with my superior on the metal detailing aspects, specifically focusing on the showcase window and two different cladding walls (namely, the top wall of the electric closet door and the top wall of the showcase window).

Stainless Steel Kitchen Furniture Detailing:
Combining Style and Functionality

Furthermore, I teamed up with my senior to address the furniture detailing tasks, which encompassed various elements such as storage equipment, a food prep table, and cooking equipment including ovens, a deep fryer, and a grill, among others.

Selected Materials:
The Finishing Touches for a Successful Project

Upon completion of all the detailing work, we proceeded to select the materials to be utilized in the project.

Pre-Project Phase:
Setting the Foundation for Success

We captured site photographs at HaTahana Street 1, Kefar Sava prior to commencing the design process.

Post-Project Phase:
Reflecting on Achievements and Future Opportunities

We documented the final state of the site through photographs taken at HaTahana Street 1, Kefar Sava.